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lost and found collage.jpg
Photo montage by Lee Ann Goya

Lost & Found

Hundreds of tagged, lost objects scattered throughout the city of Helsinki, bearing messages from people listing something they have lost, and instructions to return objects to a local department store's Lost and Found.  Project encourage public discussion of loss, memory, and individual and collective faith.

Denise worked with local Los Angeles and Finnish artists to gather over 200 old and worn objects. Each object is tagged with a message that testifies something that they lost. “I lost my grandfather”, “I lost my virginity”, “I lost my language”, etc. Objects were returned to a central location local department store, theater, or community-based organization.

Presented at the International MuuMedia/AV-Arkki/Kiasma Museum, Helsinki.

Denise Uyehara, artist
Leebs, lettering and tags


This project evolved from an interactive installation collaboration between Denise Uyehara, Jeff Matsuda, Lee B., John Song and Veronica Ko as Artistic Director (curated by Young Soon Min, Korean American Museum, Los Angeles, June 1997-January 1998). During this project, viewers wrote down messages of things lost onto papers, dropped them into an empty kimchee jar, followed a dotted line to to the other side of the museum, where they found another jar and pulled out message containing someone else’s loss.

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