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Maps of City & Body
Shedding Light on the Performances of Denise Uyehara

Maps of City and Body: Shedding Light on the Performances of Denise Uyehara (Kaya Press 2003) presents the complete texts of Big Head and Maps of City and Body, two of Uyehara's most acclaimed shows. In Big Head, Uyehara questions the logic of political and personal rhetoric by exploring the relationship between Japanese American internment camps and post-September 11th racial violence. Maps of City and Body takes on subjects ranging from the trails left behind by childhood kisses to the reimagining of a grandmother's fiery suicide, to explore how memories mark our bodies. It includes images from her performances, detailed descriptions of Uyehara's other public art investigations, and a conversation with dancer/scholar Yutian Wong.

Maps of City and Body is the first in a series of books from Kaya Press on Asian diasporic performance artists.  Visit Kaya Press.

Maps of City & Body - book by Denise Uyehara, Kaya Press

New Publications

American Cultures As Transnational Performance, Routledge Press (2021) 

Features Radical Time Travel: An Interview with Denise Uyehara, by Pia Wiegmink and Andrea Zittlau. Visit Routledge.
American Cultures book Routledge.jpg

The Methuen Drama Anthology of Testimonial Plays, Bloomsbury (2017)

Edited by Alyson Forsyth. Includes Big Head and process notes. Also includes writings by Tim Etchells of Forced Entertainment, Paula Cizmar, Ana Deveare Smith, Becky Blythe, and many others. Visit Bloomsbury.
Testimonial Plays edited Alyson Forsyth

Complete List

Anthologized performances and plays

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