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HSK_M16_Fishbein 2_edited.jpg
Photo by Anne Fishbein, LA Weekly

Hello (Sex) Kitty: Mad Asian Bitch On Wheels (1995)

An evening-length performance that excites all the genders to laugh, talk and respect one other. Through the Vegetable Girl, Mad Kabuki Woman, Queer Girl, and the Asian Guy, this performance examines love, violence, HIV/AIDS, ethnic fetish and deeper understanding.
Premiered Institute for Contemporary Art in London and toured extensively across the United States, including the Painted Bride, PA, the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, Northwestern University, and the Fourth World Conference on Women in Hairou, China.
“Best Performance Artist…serious but hilarious, Uyehara strips away performance-art pretenses while gleefully subverting her audiences’ expectations…pop culture, East versus West, gender issues–all are targets for her own full-frontal kick.”  – Entertainment Weekly
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