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Maps of City & Body (2000)

Uyehara draws shimmering blue and green tracings over her body as she evokes what marks us in our migration across borders of identity. She evokes the blue numbers on a Jewish woman’s arm and her adopted Chicana daughter, lost and found objects, and retold tales. In this moving and provocative performance, Uyehara reveals what marks the body as we broaden our view of life’s journey.

Denise Uyehara, performer
Lee B, live visuals
Chay Yew, director

Barnard Videography

Commissioned by the Mark Taper Forum’s Asian Theater Workshop. 

Maps premiered in 1999 at Highways Performance Space, co-produced with the Taper’s Asian Theater Workshop. Also presented at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, East West Players, The Asian Art Museum, with in-progress showings atthe Modern Language Association conference in San Francisco, the 3rd Conference on Asian Women in Theater in Tokyo, and the MuuMedia festival at the Kiasma in Helsinki, Finland.

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