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Shooting Columbus Indigenous Performance - Ryan Pinto in Circle of Time
Photo by Julius Schlosburg

Shooting Columbus (2017) What if Settlers Never Arrived?

A multi-year collaboration between Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists, with interviews with Native community members in the Southwest region. An ensemble weaves together theater, movement, soundscapes and video projection to re-imagine how life today would be different if Indigenous scientists built a time machine and assassinated Columbus upon his arrival.

Project created by the Fifth World Collective: 

Adam Cooper-Teran (Yaqui, Chicano)

T Loving (Black, Cherokee)

Ryan Pinto (Hopi, Omaha, Dine, Northern Ute)

Rachel Bowditch (European American)

Denise Uyehara (Okinawan, Japanese American) 

McGann videography
Photo by Julius Schlosburg
Video by Andrew Brown, AZPM

Performance ensemble: 

Matthew Saraficio

Julianna Grantham

Gertie Lopez

Brett Boyce

Tessai Velasquez-Thurman

Sarah Haro

Lighting, Greg Houston

Sound and media, Adam Cooper-Terán

Set design, Genevieve Heron

Stage Management, Andy Gonzalez


Supported by the MAP Fund, NET/TEN, NEA Challenge Fund

The research phase, Indigenous Cycles, was supported by the Arizona Commission on the Arts and Herberger Institute of the Arts, Arizona State University.


Premiered at Borderlands Theater, La Pilita Cultural Center, Tucson.

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